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Be A Better Neighbor With A Dog Fence

Believe it or not, not everyone is as crazy about your family dog, or dogs, as you are. By keeping your dogs in their own space with a good quality dog fence,  both you and your pups can remain as good neighbors.

I know, I know, it’s almost impossible to imagine that anyone who knows your fur babies doesn’t immediately fall in love with them.

The neighbors might actually love dogs, yours included, but the things they do in their yards can make for some unhappy relationships. This is just one of the main reasons why every pet owner has an obligation to control their pets traveling range with pet fencing.

No Trespooping

The problem, of course, is about your dogs relieving themselves in someone else’s yard, Yes, your pet may be friendly and loves to visit the neighbors, but the fact is, many people do not share your love affair with your pet. They don’t want the bother of picking up after an animal that’s not theirs nor having their yards soiled with urine “hot spots” and doggie piles. Dogs, although usually very friendly, also can be destructive of plants and landscaping, making many of them poor neighbors.

No Trespooping

That’s not to say that your dog isn’t a nice animal. Dogs are typically social and enjoy interacting and playing with a variety of people. This play interaction, however, is not without consequences. Things get broken, chewed on and otherwise “enjoyed” by your pet no matter if they belong to you or the neighbor. Having to face an angry neighbor because your dog destroyed his prize winning rose bush garden isn’t something you want to have to deal with.

Safety and Leash Laws

There’s also the issue of community security. This is especially true if your dog is a larger breed. Having a large dog escape the security of their yard could be seen as negligence on your part. Communities are becoming increasingly upset at pet owners who allow their animals free run of a neighborhood, and many communities have laws against it. Heaven forbid if your dog, while free, bites or attacks someone or another animal. This is especially serious if the other dog or pet was on a leash. For smaller dogs, the threat could be that they may be attacked by a larger dog that is running free.

The saying is that a good fence makes for good neighbors. A good dog fence also makes for a happy and healthy environment for your pet. By securing your dog using secure fencing, your best friend also has the security of knowing where his yard boundaries are located. There is no need to “guard” anything beyond the fence lines so you pet is more inclined to stay in his yard to better “watch” his property. Overall, electronic or wireless dog fencing is a good investment no matter what type of dog you may own.

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